FM Transmitter

FM Transmitter

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A Little History Of The FM Transmitter

Most people have at one time or another got in the car or turned on the stereo at home to listen to the radio. If you have and you happen to be listening to an FM station then you have heard the product of an FM Transmitter. For years, people have known of these transmitters and that they have been actively used in the broadcasting industry, however, today there are many other applications for using such transmitters.

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While much of yesterday’s technology has gone by the wayside since the introduction of more modern technology, these transmitters seem to be living on.

Perhaps the first usage of an FM Transmitter for something other than legitimate broadcasting was with pirate radio. Lower powered transmitters were often found in smaller radio stations like more rural geographical locations as well as college radio stations; however, others eyed this technology with less legitimate purposes.

These unlicensed, pirate broadcasts would often use those low powered transmitters to send out their signal. While this was and still is inherently illegal according to U.S. law, this was the first time these transmitters were seen outside of a professional situation.

As the years went by, pirate radio became less and less of an issue, and soon, spurred on by the surge of new media technology, manufacturers soon began to see the use of an even smaller FM Transmitter than ever before. With the advent of media players, MP3 players and other devices, there was, and still is a growing need for people to want their music to go with them everywhere.

While having these portable devices coupled with a pair of headphone means you can listen just about anywhere you like, your vehicle is the one exception. If you do not have a radio that is compatible with your particular portable music player, one of these transmitters will do very nicely. Simply put the device in the transmitters cradle, tune your radio to the suggested frequency and the transmitter will transmit your music to the dialed in frequency.

The new FM Transmitter has many different usages as well. Not only is it a transmitter to allow you to use your portable device, but it is also a charger for your portable device and it is a safe place to put your device instead of just letting it float around your vehicle. You can also get FM transmitter to send any Internet radio signal all over your house by just plugging it into your computer's audio output and tuning in your FM radio. And you can use a free USB port on your computer to power your FM transmitter.

These devices are great to have and are easy on the wallet, and that makes owning one of these transmitters a win-win situation.

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The Wireless Headphone Necessity

By Roy T Revill
Deciding to have a DVD player installed in your vehicle can be very entertaining for your passengers, and it could also boost the resell price of your vehicle as well. Having wireless headphones to be used while the movies are playing is a great way to block out the noise of cartoons that your children may be watching.

Best MP3 Adapter For a Car Stereo

By Tom Tessin
When you're looking to hook up your MP3 player to your car, you're going to first want to know how you're going to want to hook it up. Do you want to hook it up via the AUX cable? Do you want to hook it up via the FM transmitter?

Car Audio - From Your Computer to Your Car - Part 2 - Connecting Your Mp3 Player

By Rachel Lawrence
Once you have made sure your audio files can be played on your car stereo system, you have a choice of ways to transfer the files over. There are several solutions available. Your mp3 player or iPod can be connected with a cable or wirelessly via FM signals or Bluetooth.

Setting up a Surround Sound Audio System For Your Car

By TL Kleban
For decades now, car people have always pushed their car stereos to the limit in order to produce the best sound possible. Our grandparents' cars with their bulky and static-filled AM radios gave way to the FM broadcasts and cassette tape playing stereo's of our parents. Now, car manufacturers are going digital with the use of not only CD players but satellite radio with MP3 playing compatibility.

Car Audio Installation

By Peter Emerson
Car audio installation is a fairly specialized job, requiring at least some knowledge about the basics of car designs and electronics. The final audio output depends to a large extent on good installation. You may buy the best equipment, but if it is not properly installed, then the result will be poor. The entire set up consisting of wires, amplifiers, alternators, and speakers would have to be perfectly set up for that great audio effect.

FM Transmitter Eznex FM Transmitter Irock FM Transmitter Dlo Transpod FM Transmitter Satechi FM Transmitter Emana FM Transmitter

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